Collaborations might be my most favorite thing ever! What could possibly be better than getting two amazing women together to create more awesomeness to share?? Nothing I tell you, nothing.

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Coffee Mugs – $15 each

  • CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION –> feel free to order early if you’d like 🙂 You’ll be first in line & receive it hot off the presses
  • Mugs are custom made for this collaboration, each one handmade & infused with love & badassery.
  • Each mug designed in this collab line will contain the perfect sayings you need to go along with your morning cup of joe & make sure your day is sexy, powerful, intuitive, rebellious & influential because that’s just how this tribe rolls ❤

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 About Hello Love Design Store & Boutique



Momma of 3, soon to be 4, Kenzie started her design business as a hobby just for herself, family & close friends.  She had always wanted to have a boutique that offered unique clothes that fit all shapes & sizes and made women feel fantastic.   Then I moved in across the street 🙂  Hello Love Design turned into Design Store & Boutique and I’m her BIGGEST fan!   She truly does make women feel fantastic – from shirts to handmade-custom decor & gifts, all backed by incredible faith in God. She’s my kinda woman!

Check out #allthethings Hello Love has goin’ on right now and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask Kenzie for input and ideas. ❤

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