Taking the overwhelmed & overstressed mom business owner and transforming her into a woman that’s overflowing in confidence, passion & abundance in every area of her life.

Are you an entrepreneur in the heat of “which direction do I go now?” “Who do I really want to be?” “How do I serve/influence more people?” and “How can I make this pleasurably sustainable so I don’t burnout?

Plus I’d love to live a great life at the same time – gotta have fun in their too right??


The process I walk my clients through is simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. It’s all starts with you discovering what YOUR TRUTH is.

Are you willing to get real honest with yourself, dive in deep, & pull out your inner badass, confident leader?

I was able to have clarity about my vision and a major breakthrough that changed the way I do business. I took massive action with the help from my sisters and transitioned my health and fitness coaching solely online! It was a huge step for me that I had been avoiding. That one step I had so much fear around transformed my life! I now am doing business on my terms, have tripled my clients in 2 weeks, and actually have time freedom! Simply Incredible!! I can’t thank you enough!

– Jessie Adams, Health & Fitness Coach

I now am doing business on my terms & have tripled my clients in 2 weeks

Going to Kelly’s mastermind was the best decision for me and my business. I went there to just focus on my business, but instead uncovered a major mental block that was holding me back from truly shining in my business. Now I am more visible than ever, following my 90 plus day plan to reach my goals both in business and life. I would attend another mastermind hosted by Kelly in a heartbeat.

– Lo Wentworth, Brand and Visibility Strategist, Public Speaker, and Podcaster

Following the plan to reach my goals in both business & life