You know you want more.

You’re feeling unfulfilled & stuck but you don’t know what to do, how to move forward or where to even get started.

THATs where I come in 😉

couch with coffee

I’m Kelly Grignon; Married, mom of 2, currently in Michigan but my heart belongs to traveling this world to experience all the coffee, beaches and amazing foods it has to offer.

I tell my clients, “I’m a YOU coach.” I can’t say I’m a mindset coach, or marriage coach or even a business or self-love coach. Those titles never encompass the WHOLE TRUTH. They’re all just pieces and “symptoms” of the work I do with women that want to do things differently in their life.

This is about you finding what was lost so long ago; buried underneath the bullshit of this messed up world. We will locate that ember that’s deep inside and fan the fire back to life.

We find your truth and pull it to the surface so you can walk, talk, and act like the woman you truly ARE.

Get rid of the fears that stop you in your tracks all the time.

Identify and clear out the places you’re compromising yourself because you feel obligated to do/be something.

This is about YOU deciding to finally understand who you are, why you do what you do, and what it is that you truly desire in this life; to answer the age old questions, “Who am I? and What am I doing here? and how the HELL do I get out of this mess I’m in and into the life I want to be living??”



Be fierce. Embrace your truth.

“It is a relief when you meet a woman as vulnerable and thoughtful as she is a bada**. Kelly Grignon is just that kind of woman, original and as outside the box in her beliefs and vision while still thriving as a wife, a mother and a champion of women who recognize that if you want to succeed in any area of life; love, family, business & health – you’ll need to keep exquisite attention on all of them.

Kelly has made it her business to unlock the winning mindsets for #allthethings and isn’t afraid to share her own personal and not always easy journey. If being part of a rebellious and influential tribe while learning from an adventure stirring, tell it like it is life coach, then get to know Kelly Grignon.”

– Our gorgeous & amazing branding photographer, Wendy K Yalom

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I was able to have clarity about my vision and a major breakthrough that changed the way I do business. I took massive action with the help from my sisters and transitioned my health and fitness coaching solely online! It was a huge step for me that I had been avoiding. That one step I had so much fear around transformed my life! I now am doing business on my terms, have tripled my clients in 2 weeks, and actually have time freedom! Simply Incredible!! I can’t thank you enough!

– Jessie Adams, Health & Fitness Coach

I now am doing business on my terms & have tripled my clients in 2 weeks

Going to Kelly’s mastermind was the best decision for me and my business. I went there to just focus on my business, but instead uncovered a major mental block that was holding me back from truly shining in my business. Now I am more visible than ever, following my 90 plus day plan to reach my goals both in business and life. I would attend another mastermind hosted by Kelly in a heartbeat.

– Lo Wentworth, Brand and Visibility Strategist, Public Speaker, and Podcaster

Following the plan to reach my goals in both business & life